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Preserved flower crystal ball rose in blue 玫瑰永生花球鎖匙扣/保鮮花球鎖匙扣

Preserved flower crystal ball rose in blue 玫瑰永生花球鎖匙扣/保鮮花球鎖匙扣

HK$425.00 Regular Price
HK$399.00Sale Price

Preserved Flower Blue Rose in Crystal Plastic ball with Key Ring Well packed in quality giftbox and paper bag 藍色玫瑰保鮮花/永生花 鎖匙扣 (透明水晶花球物料為透明PE膠) 配有精美禮盒及紙袋 應客戶的需求,我們加入了永生花系列,可讓客戶在送鮮花的同時,送上可保存數年的永生花,別具義意。 保鮮花又名永生花,由鮮花加工製成後,放進玻璃罩,藉以更好保護花朵。 保鮮花既留住了鮮花的動人美態而又可持久保存。 保鮮花由鮮花加工製作而成,看似不曾凋謝,也不會凋謝,被譽為不會凋謝的花。保鮮花既有鮮花的優雅動人美態又有長久存放的優勢,寓意著心意和愛意長存。 保鮮花一般由玫瑰花、康乃馨、綉球等鮮花製成。羽美花藝提供多款保鮮花,款式新穎,或經典大方,顏色選擇豐富多種,也有配以不同乾花材的,製成獨特的花品。 Some of our customers ask to send fresh bouquets with preserved flowers which can be kept for a few years as a longer memory of the moment. Preserved flowers are made from fresh flowers after preservation process. Shapes and shades of flowers retain quite properly and so it looks like the flowers never fade out and of wither away. Preserved flowers are often made from roses, carnations, hydrangea and can last for longer years. *If the preserved flowers are ordered individually , we will arrange delivery by courier. *Don't forget to visit our facebook page, maybe you will find discounted there unexpectedly :) *如果客戶單獨選購永生花,本店將安排以速遞運送。 *歡迎關注或瀏覽我們的臉書專頁,你或許會發現更多意想不到的優惠。 facebook page:

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