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建議用途:表達愛意/送女友首選/道歉/祝福康復/安康/生新/升職/獲獎/頒獎/畢業影相/求婚 /週年紀念皆宜,或送給喜歡綉球玫瑰的朋友


Hydrangea Bouquet Set with Roses and other Seasonal Foliage 

Suggested purpose: Expression of Love, gratitude, best wishes, new life , new born/good recovery/good health



*Please understand that prices during the festival periods may change. 

The increase could be between 15% to 20%.

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*請理解在節日前後,花價會有一定程度的上調,一般為15% 至 20% 不等。如有需要,請與本店確認價錢。



粉紅繡球棗紅玫瑰花束 Hydrangea Rose Bouquet Set

HK$980.00 Regular Price
HK$899.00Sale Price