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♡ Say.You.Love.Me ♡ by sending bouquets

Dear Fxxx,

Happy 2 Year anniversary!

I know you’ve been finding it hard recently especially with rowing, so I felt like it would be appropriate to get you something… also since I didn’t get anything for Valentines (oops). I wish I could be there with you to celebrate but I can’t, so for now all I can say is to hang in there until I am back!

I am your biggest believer so please don’t give up - you can do it and you know you can!

I hope rowing gets better, that you do excellently academically and that you can better enjoy your time in CU.

Once again, Happy Anniversary :) Love you as always,


We aim to bring surprise and joy to our customers via fresh flowers. We hope more people enjoy the joy of receiving and sending flowers.

Say you love her, say you miss her by sending her favourite flowers or flowers in her favorite colors. No ladies will reject or dislike flowers.

We provide same day delivery service for standard bouquet and fresh flowers.

We offer bouquets with many diff design and fresh flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, tulips, carnations, baby breath , balloon flowers and various nice matching seasonal for foliage, to suit particular or causal purposes including but not limited to anniversary, celebration, birthday, romance, babyshower, promotion, greeting, send suprise, congratulations, health recovery regards, expression for love, care and concern. In case you have to send apology, we are here for you.

We are very confident in our quality of flowers which mainly come from Holland, America and Kuming.

Online ordering help us take your orders and instructions anytime at your convenience.

After ordering bouquet online , you will receive an email with details for record.

We will contact you shortly in case there is anything to clarify.

Our customers are from all over the world. And we are listed as one of the best awarded Hong Kong florists. Hope we have the honor to assist you sending flowers with surprise and care to your beloved.


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