Rose Bouquet Set 玫瑰花束

Rose Bouquet Set 玫瑰花束


Rose in Lilic Pink and some white  balloon flowers  (around 18 to 20 pcs)

Seasonal Foliage

Suggested purpose: Love/NewStart/Greeting/Celebration/Promotion/Birthday


紫紅玫塊 配白色桔梗 (約18-20枝)


建議用途: 祝福/晉升/問好/新開始/愛意/生日


*Please understand that prices during the festival periods may change. 

The increase could be between 15% to 20%.

Please confirm the prices with the customer service.

*請理解在節日前後,花價會有一定程度的上調,一般為15% 至 20% 不等。如有需要,請與本店確認價錢。