Exceptional delivery fee 附加運費 | Umate Flower

We send the flowers on the date of request by you, in between 11am to 6pm. 
We also make delivery for other time frame with extra pay.

For specific timeslot (e.g. anytime before 14h00), we charge between HKD 100 to 200, or HKD 200 to 300 during festival.

For the moment, we do not offer to deliver at specific time. Normally we do not delivery before 11am nor after 6pm. For special case or enquiry, please contact our customer service for assistance.


如果您要求在特定的時間段(如下午2時前)送達,我們需要收取港幣100-200元的額外費用 (節日前後3天送貨的為港幣200-300元)。



Exceptional delivery fee 附加運費


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