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Tips for sending huge flower sets 送特大花束的應注意事項

We were so excited to prepare this romantic and elegant pack of red roses with freshness in their best blooming , for the proposal of Mr. Feng to Ms. Leung, his fiancee. The heart shaped box is perfectly made for the 99 pieces of Roses.

Congratulations again to Mr. Feng and Mrs. Feng to be !

So what's the point here? what's important for you?

Tips for gentlemen:

Make sure you send yourself together with the flowers, or pick her up after the surprise. You don’t want the weight of the flowers reduces the level of joy of receiving the flowers and the proposal in any extend. As thoughtful and professional as usual, we always try to remind our customers

Of course, if you want to order the same flowers, you may click on the pictures. Or go to our shop to check out more options.







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