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What flowers do we prepares for clients?

Choices of flowers available from Umatefloral

Our florists prepare you with fresh and elegant bouquets sets and boxed flowers from Roses, Carnation, Tulips, Bellflowers, sunflowers, lily, in different colors and other foliages.




We provide different types of flower products 我們的花品包括:

  1. Roses bouquet sets 各色鮮玫瑰花束

  2. Mixed bouquet sets 各款混搭花束

  3. Boxed flowers sets 各款鮮花禮盒裝

  4. Preserved flowers 永生花

  5. DIY any bouquets or flower related products 各式各樣度身訂造花品

Checkout below link to know more about our products prepared for you.


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